PHSYKER is a globally inclusive, professional, esports and gambling company and community. With a big difference, we promote involvement and active engagement with our professionals and content, on the PHSYKER.COM website. We have licenced and will act as merchants, for the intellectual property, content management system, called Hypadrone. Hypadrone can make literally anybody famous in the esports industry by engagement using the content, competitions, giveaways and special privileges that make Hypadrone unique and effective. At PHSYKER we "Live to WIN!"

PHSYKER was founded by Joshua Forbes who is a leading esports and gaming entrepreneur with over 10 years experience in the industry. Joshua created PHSYKER as the first public, professional team in the world. All revenue made from PHSYKER.COM goes into the pockets of our players and helps to keep our site running. Joshua wanted to share his wealth of experience with professional gaming by sharing his knowledge of the industry. He has written many articles now, regarding esports and gaming and hopes to continue writing for a very long time. Recently Joshua has been spending a lot of time on his new projects called SKADAP.COM and Got By Me. It's easy to find him on LinkedIn if you are interested in his gaming career. Most of all, PHSYKER was made to be inclusive. We won't turn anyone down, nor will we remove any member from our website even if they are a bot. There needs to be more inclusiveness and good spirit in the gaming industry so we're setting an example of how it can be done. 

The future looks bright for PHSYKER with a large website full of valued members who all contribute to the websites content via our popular forums which are growing every day. There are big plans to expand the PHSYKER website into another business called Hypadrone but that doesn't look like it's going to happen until after SKADAP and Got By Me application. Thanks for your continued support of our brand and remember to register for our Premium site membership for additional features not included in the free membership!

                                                                                                                                         "LIVE to WIN!"