SKADAP.COM Introduction

Mon 22nd Jun 2020 - 11:37am General Gaming

SKADAP is an esports, affiliate marketing business, that operates through a product website. We aggregate esports content, like reviews, discussions, videos, streams, news, articles and websites and display them inside the SKADAP, community website.


We use customised software called Link Management Systems and also by using customised social media features that are not present on any other website.


SKADAP is created by talented teams of leading professionals to bring you the best possible esports experience online, with your friends, and family, in a customisable, esports community space that is user-oriented and content-focused.


On SKADAP.COM our affiliate partners enjoy advertising services that engage gamers. Businesses are able to reach their desired audiences quickly and easily without the need for a call centre and no time wastage, with value for money in the services we provide.


Users are able to upgrade their community accounts and unlock even more of what the esports industry has to offer, with community features that deliver real value and a positive experience for our valued, SKADAP community members.






Joshua Forbes

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