• Gamer News

    Gamer News is a blog that details events in the esports industry like new startup businesses, new esports titles in development or launch, reviews of these titles, game studio news and also keeping the pulse on the grassroots team generation gossip and scandals from around the world. We have dedicated bloggers and article writers that keep our community updated and informed along these subject lines. Come and see the latest in new kinds of esports news and gossip at Gamer News. 

  • DBM Ventures

    DBM Ventures is a company that has hosting solutions for small, medium and large enterprises, as well as gaming servers for rental. They do everything from business cards right through to cloud-based solutions. Give them a go if you are looking to set up a website, register a domain name, rent out a server or install website security. DBM Ventures supports PHSYKER.COM and helps to make this website possible. 

  • Eclipse Gaming

    Eclipse Gaming creates industry-leading bespoke esports and social networking platforms across a range of different media and applications. We are a private company that has helped pave the way for innovation in gaming, having a wide influence in the industry and on social media platforms. Our team comprises of some of the most gifted experts in the industry on our executive, advisory and board of directors. Eclipse gaming is a think tank company that licenses out intellectual property to its trading company E-SportsLeague for development in the digital media space. We prove that there are many levels of science in gaming and great aspirations for gaming participation by all professional gaming enthusiasts around the globe. 

  • Skadap Esports Index

    We are the united, global, esports gaming community that helps you experience esports websites and content available from all over the internet. Connect with real people and enjoy the amazing world of esports and everything it has to offer.

  • E-SportsLeague

    E-SportsLeague is the trading company for Eclipse Gaming, which is our think tank, holding company. E-SportsLeague develops original intellectual property in the social media and esports industries. We are responsible for working with partners, ensuring our products and services reach the highest standards possible. Our team is responsible for managing all businesses owned by Eclipse Gaming and facilitating the success of the company in the facets of business management and ongoing development. E-SportsLeague turns inspired creativity into mailable products and services that deliver results for our users, providing social networking and esports platforms of the highest quality and return for investment.